Rewarding and growing your people

You want to get the best from your people, and keep your best people. As your organisation grows,
your systems for rewarding staff and nurturing talent may not fit the bill any more.

Pay, performance management and career progression are integral to the development of your workforce. You need your people to be paid appropriately for the roles they fulfil, and to understand what good performance looks like. You also need your stars to be able to see a map for career progression, so they don't start looking elsewhere for their next opportunity.

Systems often develop informally or piecemeal, especially if your organisation started small. Then, suddenly, there comes a point where those systems are no longer helping you get the best from your people. We have expertise in developing all the components you'll need, from consistent role descriptions to job analysis systems, from competency frameworks to career structures. We are particularly skilled in working with internal teams to create these systems, so your people are bought in from day one.

Our areas of expertise