Culture eats strategy for breakfast

So Peter Drucker says, and we agree with him. If your strategy points in one direction, but your culture points in another, your strategy will fail.

An organisation's culture is so powerful because it is made up of the attitudes and beliefs of the people who work there. And attitude drives behaviour; it shapes "the way we do things around here".

The good news is, you can shape culture – if you work with your people to do it. We work with organisations to shine a light on the beleifs and attitutdes that shape the organisation's culture, and the systems and processes that reinforce it. By working across the organisation to do this, we start a conversation about what the culture should be, and how every member of staff can take responsibility for their part in it.

We use tried and tested cultural mapping tools, in fun workshop settings, to get the real issues on the table and start to shape a new more productive culture which everyone can sign up to.

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