Investigating and resolving conflict in the workplace

Interpersonal conflict amongst senior staff has a massive impact on the whole team, and on the result they can deliver. It can affect morale, productivity and the service the team provides to others.

Sometimes, the conflict is too complex or entrenched for internal colleagues to resolve. When that happens, you need someone you can trust to look independently and sensitively at the problem, help you understand the triggers for the conflict and give you a path to resolving it. Sometimes, you need someone to bring the people in conflict together, to find common ground and move forward. Other times, you need an independent investigation, to help you make decisions about how the organisation should respond.

We have extensive experience of working with organisations experiencing conflict amongst senior colleagues, helping them navigate a traumatic time for the team involved and – wherever possible – bring the episode to a rapid conclusion. From facilitation, to mediation, to disciplinary and grievance investigations, we bring a sensitive and objective approach that moves things forward.

Our areas of expertise