Understanding the impact of workplace learning and development interventions

Providing development opportunities for staff is critical in creating a high performing workforce. Understanding the effectiveness of these activities and the difference they have made to individuals, teams and the organisation lets you do more of what works.

You need to ensure that your investment in staff learning and development is delivering the results and changes that the organisation requires – at the individual, team and organisation levels. Equally important, you need to understand why it has led to those results and what can be done to further maximise the benefits in the future.

Our evaluations are designed to not only understand the skills and competencies that have been gained and developed but to also understand the extent to which the learning is being applied on a daily basis and what difference this is making to individual, team and organisational performance. Our evaluations unpick the enablers and barriers to implementing learning and provide practical recommendations that can improve the results you get in the future.

Our areas of expertise