Understanding and demonstrating the difference you are making

Whether at an organisational level or at individual project level, you need to know that you are generating the maximum impact from the resources and energy you invest. You also need to demonstrate and understand the impact you generate.

We understand the importance of this for organisations and we also understand the complexities involved in doing it. We work with organisations to understand the impact they set out to generate and tailor our approaches and methodologies to meet their needs. Often, some of the impacts being generated will be hard to measure and quantify – we develop innovative tools to make this possible. Our natural curiosity means that we dig below the surface and shine a light on the full range of impacts: intended and unintended, hard and soft - ensuring that we capture the difference you are really making.

Our impact assessments are not only designed to evidence the impacts achieved, but more importantly we are able to explain WHY those impacts were achieved – and what needs to be done going forward to maximise those impacts or get different results. The end result gives organisations what they need to make confident future-focused decisions.

Our areas of expertise