Giving you the tools to demonstrate your impact

It has never been so important for organisations to be able to understand, measure and demonstrate the impact they are making. Having the competencies and tools 'in-house' can be a cost effective and pragmatic means of achieving this.

We believe in sharing our expertise and transferring our skills rather than creating a dependency. Working with organisations to develop robust and comprehensive toolkits and frameworks is one way in which we do this.

However, it goes further than simply designing the tools. We work with clients and their staff to fully understand what they will be evaluating, the resources available to them and how the evaluation findings will be used. This ensures that we create toolkits and frameworks that fully meet their requirements. Further to this we also work with the client to ensure that those who will be using the toolkit and framework have the knowledge and skills required to do so effectively – through workshops, supporting them in the practical application and providing detailed guidance.

Whatever your needs, you can rely on us to provide pragmatic and practical solutions.

Our areas of expertise