Evaluating projects that help young people realise their potential

We are experts in engaging young people in evaluation and research, so that their voices shape the services designed to help them.

Not all young people get the same breaks in life, and many need support to move positively into adulthood. They don't always get the skills, confidence and attitudes they need from school or at home, so many of our clients create projects to fill that gap. From enterprise education to alternative curricula to diversionary youth activities, we have years of experience in evaluating how these initiatives make a difference.

Our team has a track record of conducting research with teachers, youth development workers, and
– most importantly – young people ranging from 5 to 21 years of age. We know how to communicate with young people and encourage them to tell it like it is. We use a range of tools, including the latest technology, to get their attention and gather their feedback.

Our areas of expertise