Driving growth, supporting enterprise and building an entrepreneurial culture

We help you develop and continuously improve your economic development programmes. Whether you are currently running a business support or enterprise programme or planning to start an employability initiative, we can help.

Brightpurpose works extensively with organisations supporting economic development at all levels, from organisations aiming to support the local community, people and economy to national and regional development organisations aiming to tackle economic inequality and drive wider economic growth.

Whether you support people to find employment, work with aspiring entrepreneurs to start up new businesses, or support existing businesses to commercialise and thrive – we can help. We can support you by:

  • understanding the extent to which your programme is achieving its aims and objectives
  • understanding what is working well - capturing and implementing best practice
  • understanding what could work better and making changes to improve delivery and increase outcomes
  • showing the difference that the support you provide is making to the people and businesses you support and to the economic prosperity of the area
  • acting as a critical friend and supporting you to make informed, evidence based decisions about future delivery
Our areas of expertise