Evaluating the impact of community development

Supporting people and communities to take control of their own destiny, and make a positive contribution to the people and places that matter to them, can be difficult and complex. You need to be sure you're doing the right things.

Done well, community development initiatives can be make positive, lasting change for people and places. Understanding what works and why it works is essential, to ensure you can generate the maximum impact for your organisation and the communities involved.

We understand the complexity of involving communities in initiatives so we develop tailored methodologies that will meet the particular needs of our clients. We also understand that the outcomes and impacts generated from these types of initiative are often hard to measure, so we design bespoke tools for capturing and evidencing this. Ultimately, our evaluations give you the insights and knowledge required to understand what has been achieved and why – and also what changes could be made to bring about further improvement and impact.

Our areas of expertise